corsica with the XF18-135 F3.5-5.6

landscape, reviews

for a trip to corsica i decided to take the x-e2 (mostly because i had no x-t1 at this point) and the xf-18-135, because both of its flexible focal lengt and because its weather resistant. the latter meant a lot to me, because it was obvious that there would be a lot of, well, sand, for im a pretty lazy guy and i was planning to lie on a beach for most of the time. sadly, my companions dragged me all over the west coast, but at least there were some good photos taken out of it.

this is when i first realized HOW good the xf18-135 performed in all kind of situations. dont get me wrong, its by far not the most sharp or best build lens by fuji, and i had to realise that my very own lens has a lot of dezentralisation at its long end, but oh well, it performed way better than any superzoom-lens i ever got my hands on before, from tamron to canon.
so when it comes to travel-friendly equipment and you would like to stay as flexible as possible when it comes to focal lenght, this might be the lens of your choice. of course, most of the images look super awesome when watched on the bodys monitor, but i expected a lot more digital wastage when i reviewed the pictures at home.

_DSF2195 _DSF2300 _DSF2437 _DSF2470 _DSF2609 _DSF2878 _DSF2891 _DSF2898 _DSF2964 _DSF3114