zeiss tessar 50

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oh my, it only took me 3 solid months to realize that the old praktika i bought from a friend who wanted it gone was equipped with one of the early manufactured zeiss tessar 50 F2.8 lenses. shame on me. nevertheless, the first thing i did after realizing this was ordering a m42 adapter for my x-mount and taking the little gem for a test drive. and what should i say – i mostly love the fuji system for its build quality and the fact that i have to understand the camera to get good results. i also had to learn that the best photos happen when i take my time to adjust everything manually. but before i started shooting with the tessar, i rarely focused manually – that might change now. of course, the great focus peeking software of the fuji helps a lot.

the tessar really is a great lens; i wouldn’t consider myself to be very “retro”, but i definately like the idea of using this 60+ yrs old piece of iconic german hardware on a regular basis. that is, of course, as long as i don’t need to take photos of anything faster than a common snail. nevertheless, i find the tessars performance to be very satisfying, especially when shooting it wide open. its loosing a lot of sharpness towards its corners, but the center is pretty decent for an lens this old; i honestly wasn’t sure if it would work at all at first.

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