roaming through constance with the XF10-24 F4


when i layed hands on the XF 10-24 for the first time, we probably both knew that we would have a lot of fun together. and after my initial confusion about its specs (who on earth would equip an extreme wide angle lens with image stabilization), i used the lens for some private landscape and some work related indoor shots (hei fuji, thanks for that image stabilization). recently, i had the chance to attend an architecture photography workshop held by Prof. Valentin Wormbs, a remarkable photographer from Stuttgart, Germany.
while i prefer the XF18 on most of my trips because of its size, i really felt that those extra 8 milimetres of focal lenght might come in handy, and i guess i was right about that.

_DSF3500not only did i enjoy the additional focal lenght, i also had a blast when using the lens without a tripod. the extra weight and its size made it very comfortable to use in all kinds of extraordinary situations, and the weight i saved from travelling without said stand compensated me for the XF 10-24s bulkiness.
in addition to that, the image quality of the lens is superb, especially when shooting stopped down.

also, my beloved XF90 made a little appearance._DSF3912-HDR_DSF3936_DSF3776_DSF3873-HDR