samyang af35 f2.8

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It’s been a while since i wrote something here, mostly because i was busy doing stuff other than taking photos.

When i had the time to take photos, however, i took them most of the time using the samyang af35. I got this lens because i needed a small and fast one, and the samyang is extremely small and fast enough for most purposes. The very affordable pricetag, which makes this little guy stand out of the other sony e fullframe-lenses by miles was one of the main reasons, to be fair.

RWF02115 RWF02174








To make it short: i didn’t regret my decision. The samyang AF35 F2.8 is my personal equivalent to the xf23 f2 from fujifilm i owned beforehand, a small, compact lens which allows me to take my camera wherever i go. The AF on this lens is pretty solid, but noticeable noisy in silent rooms. Outside or in crowded areas you probably won’t hear anything.






The build quality is solid, but feels pretty cheap, due to the light plastic cover which surronds the otherwise well-built lens. Thats kind of sad, but more than acceptable when you take the image quality and the price into account.