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zeiss tessar 50

oh my, it only took me 3 solid months to realize that the old praktika i bought from a friend who wanted it gone was equipped with one of the early manufactured zeiss tessar 50 F2.8 lenses. shame on me. nevertheless, the first thing i […]

saentis with the XF27 F2.8

okay, to be honest: not later than we arrived on the top of this beautiful iconic swiss mountain, i wished i would have brought at least the XF18 with me. nevertheless, the XF27 performed well and it was a joy to carry it with me; […]

corsica with the XF18-135 F3.5-5.6

for a trip to corsica i decided to take the x-e2 (mostly because i had no x-t1 at this point) and the xf-18-135, because both of its flexible focal lengt and because its weather resistant. the latter meant a lot to me, because it was […]