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winter is … well, its already here.

Some things are quite rare when living near lake constance, and one of the rarest things might be a day without fog but snow. Now, if there is snow on the ground and you are able to see more than your hands in front of […]


Not really much to say here, yet another trip with the XF 10-24. Sadly, this time i had to learn that the lens gets rather… unspectacular when shooting anything slower than f9. Well, lesson learned. Overall, i had a pretty good time trekking with the […]

macro with the raynox DCR-250

While skipping through the posts on last weekend, i stumbled upon a thread about the raynox DCR-250, a very affordable maco conversion lens which is directly snapped onto the front of the standard lens you have mounted. The shown pictures were great, so i […]

munich and the XF18 F2

when i planned my trip to munich some time earlier, i had my fingers crossed that fujifilm would release the new XF23 F2 in early september, giving me the opportunity to test the new lens in bavarias beautiful capital. well, things mostly don’t go as […]

roaming through constance with the XF10-24 F4

when i layed hands on the XF 10-24 for the first time, we probably both knew that we would have a lot of fun together. and after my initial confusion about its specs (who on earth would equip an extreme wide angle lens with image […]

zuerich zoo with the XF90 F2

for my last trip to the zoo i brought my X-T1 and the wonderful XF90 F2, mostly because i wanted to check out the “wildlife-capabilities” of the lens. i managed to take some in my opinion really cool pictures of lizards and amphibious creatures, but […]

zeiss tessar 50

oh my, it only took me 3 solid months to realize that the old praktika i bought from a friend who wanted it gone was equipped with one of the early manufactured zeiss tessar 50 F2.8 lenses. shame on me. nevertheless, the first thing i […]

saentis with the XF27 F2.8

okay, to be honest: not later than we arrived on the top of this beautiful iconic swiss mountain, i wished i would have brought at least the XF18 with me. nevertheless, the XF27 performed well and it was a joy to carry it with me; […]

corsica with the XF18-135 F3.5-5.6

for a trip to corsica i decided to take the x-e2 (mostly because i had no x-t1 at this point) and the xf-18-135, because both of its flexible focal lengt and because its weather resistant. the latter meant a lot to me, because it was […]