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samyang af35 f2.8

It’s been a while since i wrote something here, mostly because i was busy doing stuff other than taking photos. When i had the time to take photos, however, i took them most of the time using the samyang af35. I got this lens because […]

from fuji x to sony e

if you had told me that i would swap my entire fuji gear for sony alpha a year ago, i probably would have deemed you insane. however, recent events in my life gave me the opportunity to swap my gear for a very good deal. […]

XF23 F2

This review might be a little overdue, i admit that. I spent a lot of time with the XF23 recently, using it as my standard lens and therefore always carrying it around with me. It didnt take the lens very long to impress me with […]

macro with the raynox DCR-250

While skipping through the posts on last weekend, i stumbled upon a thread about the raynox DCR-250, a very affordable maco conversion lens which is directly snapped onto the front of the standard lens you have mounted. The shown pictures were great, so i […]

munich and the XF18 F2

when i planned my trip to munich some time earlier, i had my fingers crossed that fujifilm would release the new XF23 F2 in early september, giving me the opportunity to test the new lens in bavarias beautiful capital. well, things mostly don’t go as […]

zeiss tessar 50

oh my, it only took me 3 solid months to realize that the old praktika i bought from a friend who wanted it gone was equipped with one of the early manufactured zeiss tessar 50 F2.8 lenses. shame on me. nevertheless, the first thing i […]

corsica with the XF18-135 F3.5-5.6

for a trip to corsica i decided to take the x-e2 (mostly because i had no x-t1 at this point) and the xf-18-135, because both of its flexible focal lengt and because its weather resistant. the latter meant a lot to me, because it was […]